Threatening, stopping someone in the street, intimidating and directing inappropriate comments towards LGBT+ people are still part of everyday life in Serbia. Despite the existing legislative and strategic framework, the adequate reactions of legal institutions regarding hate crimes motivated by homophobia and transphobia are often missing.

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Organization Da se zna!

Who are we?

Da se zna! is an association of citizens founded in 2016, with the main focus on mapping and documenting the illegal treatment of LGBT + people in the Republic of Serbia.

As we have grown over time and expanded our scope of activities, today we are primarily focused on strengthening the community through legal and psychological support, direct work with the community and conducting campaigns, but also on various advocacy activities aimed at relevant institutions and decision makers.

Da se zna!

offers support to LGBTTIQA people by improving the efficiency of the protection system and
advocating for adequate reactions from the state institutions.

We want

a Serbia where all of its citizens have the same rights and equal opportunities regardless of their personal characteristics, including their sexual orientation and gender identity.

We aspire

to reduce the level of discrimination and violence towards LGBT+ people and to contribute
to greater acceptance and integration of LGBT+ citizens into the Serbian society.

We value

diversity as an advantage of our society, we include all persons who share our values and are willing to work together to achieve our goals in our work.

We initiate

cooperation with other LGBT+ organizations and human rights organizations at the national and international level, as well as with all relevant state institutions in Serbia.

We’re open

to creating and introducing new ways of approaching our work with our target groups.
We strive for transparency both within and outside of our organization, in terms of activities, results and
financial information.

We take

full responsibility for our work with persons who have reported violence and/or discrimination
to us (we protect personal data and do our best to respond to the needs of the people who have
contacted us).

Threats, interceptions, intimidation, attacks and inappropriate comments directed at LGBT + people are still part of everyday life in Serbia. In addition to the adopted legislative and strategic framework, their implementation is deficient, while adequate reactions of the competent institutions to attacks motivated by homophobia and transphobia are often lacking.
All relevant research for Serbia indicates a general tendency not to report criminal acts arising from homophobia and transphobia, while the system of recording such acts is only sporadic and non-transparent.
In order to record and prosecute attacks on LGBT + people in accordance with the law, as well as to empower the LGBT + community and encourage them to report these cases in March, we founded the association To Know!
Every illegal incident we record is anonymous and safely stored in our protected database, in accordance with the interests of the shippers. Based on documented cases, we issue an annual report on illegal incidents, in which we systematically analyze the received cases – where they occur most often, who is most exposed to violence and discrimination, how the institutions and the police reacted in these cases, etc.

To be clear! seeks to strengthen the queer community and individuals in order to better understand their rights and demand their full realization before state institutions.
We continuously encourage state institutions to improve practices in the field of social and legal protection of queer persons in order to bring these practices in line with international standards of respect for human rights. We achieve this by monitoring illegal actions motivated by homophobia and transphobia, advocating for institutions, responding to community needs by providing free legal and psychological support and capacity building through education programs, both ourselves and other civil society organizations, decision makers, community queens and beyond. the public.

Serbia is a country of equal rights and opportunities, in which a free and dignified life is guaranteed to all queer citizens.

  1. Antifascism
  2. Equality
  3. Intersectionality
  4. Solidarity
  5. Courage
  6. Cooperation
  7. Responsibility
  8. Fellowship
  • Guided by the principles of anti-fascism, we oppose and act against every form of fascism and related ideologies and movements based on the supremacy of one group over another.
  • We stand for equal opportunities for the realization of all human rights in the cultural, social, economic and political sense, but also for the equal benefit of the achieved results, regardless of gender identity and / or gender.
    We respect the differences within the queer community, especially those at the intersection of marginalized identities.
  • Despite all the similarities that the survivors of illegal motives motivated by homophobia and transphobia have, we believe that each of them has its own unique needs and deserves special treatment.
  • In our work with the transceiver, we consistently adhere to the principle of informed consent, and we put the needs of the transferor in the foreground.
    Through various activities, we initiate cooperation with other human rights organizations at the state, regional and international level, as well as with all relevant state bodies in the Republic of Serbia.
  • As a basis for strengthening the queer movement, we see the association with other queer organizations and organizations that provide support to survivors.
    We are investing our efforts in improving the existing cooperation and communication, which is extremely important for the work of the organization, but also the liberation of the queer community.
  • We promote solidarity with other vulnerable groups, individuals, especially in conditions of oppression, exploitation or any other form of violence and social injustice.
  • We nurture openness to create and introduce new approaches in working with our target groups.
  • We encourage innovation, creativity and courage, while striving for long-term change for the queer community.
  • We base our work on professionalism, responsibility and ethics in our daily work inside and outside the organization.
  • We value the creation of space for engagement, reflection and development of competencies central to our work, while treating mistakes as an opportunity for learning and improvement.
  • We base our work on honesty, transparency and building trust with those who support us and those who need support. In addition to external transparency, we also nurture internal transparency.
  • Da se zna! is based on the principle of self-management, and all our members of the working team have equal decision-making power.

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