Threats, street stops, intimidation, attacks and inappropriate comments directed at LGBT + people are still part of everyday life in Serbia. In addition to the adopted legislative and strategic framework, adequate reactions of the competent institutions to attacks motivated by homophobia and transphobia are often lacking.

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The mission and vision of our association is based on four interconnected program units.

Through the activities of this program we create and organize a series of educational events aimed at the queer community, institutions, experts, human rights defenders and youth (target groups), but also create curricula that address specifically focused issues related to queer culture and human rights. , we produce innovative and interactive content aimed at informing and initiating changes in society.

Through monitoring activities, we collect information and document cases of illegal actions motivated by homophobia and transphobia, inform the public and institutions (at the national, regional, international level) about incidents and reactions of competent institutions. Thus, we increase the visibility of violence against queer people and point out the frequency of hate crimes and discrimination.

Through the activities of this program we sensitize institutions to the problems and needs of queer people, improve and expand cooperation with institutions and actors at national, regional and international levels, but also agitate to improve existing legislation, procedures and public policies affecting the position and treatment of queer people. .

Through the activities of this program, we motivate and empower members of the queer community to freely participate in social life and exercise their rights, provide legal and psychological support to address the consequences of homophobia and transphobia, but also gather young queer people and allies.

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