We offer support to LGBT+ people through improving the efficiency of the protection system and advocating for adequate reactions from the state institutions.

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A hate crime is a criminal act motivated by stereotypes or prejudice against a specific group of people. Considering the fact that Da se zna! documents crimes and acts motivated by hatred of LGBT+ people, this questionnaire is focused only on that type of hate crimes and acts of hatred. For something to be defined as a hate crime, it has to fulfil two conditions:

● that the committed illegal behavior is a criminal offense in the eyes of the criminal law
● that the perpetrator was motivated by prejudice or stereotypes – that the crime was committed out of hatred towards LGBT+ people.

The perpetrator of a hate crime chooses their victim based on their victim’s presumed or actual sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s important to differentiate acts motivated by hatred and hate crimes. Namely, an act motivated by hatred is the verbal and physical way of acting that includes prejudice and stereotypes, but does not constitute a crime. Although, acts motivated by hatred do not constitute a crime, they often precede, accompany or offer context to hate crimes. Therefore, Da se zna! also monitors acts motivated by hatred including discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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